Indonesian Dota 2 team surrenders in game they should have won, gets eliminated from tournament?

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  In arguably one of the most baffling sequences in Dota 2 history, the Indonesian team BOOM ID surrendered in a game they should have won against North American squad Team Team. BOOM ID would later be knocked out of the Bucharest Minor tournament because of that crucial mistake.

  BOOM ID and Team Team faced one another in a Lower Bracket best-of-three elimination round at the Bucharest Minor. In that fateful Game 1, both teams were apparently too focused on a game-deciding teamfight at 49 minutes after being neck and neck up to that point. While Team Team won that fight by killing all of BOOM ID’s heroes, the creeps from the Indonesian side were able to force their way to the opponent’s base to try and take down Team Team’s Ancient.

  While Team Team were themselves trying to destroy BOOM ID’s Ancient, the North Americans did not seem to notice that their own Ancient was in danger because they did not send a hero back to protect it. While BOOM ID’s creeps were clearly going to destroy Team Team’s Ancient first and thus win the game for the Indonesians, they inexplicably entered ‘GG’ in all-chat, signifying their surrender.

  The tournament analysts, as well as the rest of the Dota 2 community, were quick to call BOOM ID’s blunder ‘the biggest throw of all time.’

  BOOM ID would come back to win game 2 of the series, which would have been the end of it had they made the right call. Instead, it only forced a deciding game 3 which they lost handily, thus getting them eliminated from the tournament.

  The Indonesians would go home with $7,500 and 20 Dota Pro Circuit points, and (one can guess) a whole lot of regret.